Hi! We’re Jennifer and Karden, seasoned mindbody practitioners who have experienced chronic fatigue and pain.

Hi! I’m Jennifer,
Co-founder of CFS School.

Jennifer Mann, a mind-body practitioner and expert in the field of treating psychophysiological disorders is the co-founder of Somia and the Heal Program. At the pinnacle of her career in holistic health and wellness, without warning, she became bedridden overnight and was diagnosed with multiple chronic illnesses, severe anxiety, chronic pain, and a myriad of “unexplained” symptoms. Despite her clinical training in neurorehabilitation and physiotherapy, and studies in biomedical sciences, she was at a loss for understanding and conventional medicine offered no explanation.Told that life as she knew it was over, Jen not only refused to let that be her prognosis, she became mission-driven to finding answers and reinventing her clinical practice.

Her journey is not merely influenced by her degrees or professional achievements, instead it is defined by personal resilience, self-transformation, and doing what the status quo said was impossible. With over a decade of dedication to studying the mind and body, Jen has emerged as a renowned clinician and an authority in integrating neurophysiology within holistic mind and body practices. Her work has been instrumental in helping thousands recover from stress, trauma and multiple chronic illnesses rooted in nervous system dysregulation.
Her personal recovery has profoundly informed her work, making her methods not only innovative, but practical, relatable, and empathetically grounded. As a thought leader and guide to a worldwide online community, she brings her teaching, inspiration and empowerment to millions. She lives in Bali with her husband Yiannis and their precious son Leo.

Hey there, I’m Karden!
Co-founder of CFS School.

I’ve been in the wellness world for over 15 years as a bodyworker and educator. Although I helped my clients get out of pain, ironically, I began suffering from chronic back pain myself. My pain became ever more debilitating and there were times I was bed bound, and none of the holistic or western medicine approaches were working.

That’s when I began studying the psycho-emotional and neurological underpinning of chronic pain and stress based disorders, which led me to clinical training in mindbody disorders and somatic trauma therapies which allowed me 100% heal my debilitating back pain.

Our Somia Mentors

Our wonderful mentors are CFS School graduates who have healed and changed their lives by doing the program.

They are here to support you as guides in our community. They are also available for 1:1 mentoring.

I’m a certified Breathwork facilitator and coach, motivated to pursue this career pathway through my own personal journey of healing from a decade battling Chronic Fatigue Syndrome/Myalgic Encephalomyelitis (CFS/ME). I’m deeply passionate about supporting individuals in their own personal journeys, recognizing that such journeys can be characterised by profound feelings of isolation and loneliness.

Prior to embarking on this path, I spent twelve years in the events industry as an Events Manager, organising some of the nation’s most prominent music and arts events. This demanding role required long working hours and operated within a highly stressful industry. Midway through my events career, I began to experience a deterioration in my health.

In 2017, I began experiencing symptoms associated with nervous system dysregulation, leading to extended periods of absence from work. Despite remaining undiagnosed for several years, my condition worsened significantly at the beginning of 2021. This resulted in a full year confined to my house/bed. It was a year later that I discovered CFS School (now Somia) and embarked on my healing journey, a transformative experience that has profoundly impacted my life.

I have now healed my chronic symptoms, and I’m back working full-time and enjoying hours  walking without experiencing any Post-Exertional Malaise (PEM), Something my doctor said would never be possible.

Following completion of CFS School, I dedicated eight months to training as a Breathwork coach, a therapeutic modality that greatly contributed to my own recovery. I hold a Level 2 Reiki certification and I’m in the process of completing her qualifications as a Trauma-Informed Somatic coach.

I have found deep fulfilment in supporting individuals through the combination of my knowledge of the breath and the tools acquired at Somia. I remain committed to expanding my knowledge to assist others in their personal journeys of healing and transformation.

Meet Anne

Healing from CFS/ME and Chronic Pain/Fibromyalgia with CFS School in 2022 has led me to fulfilling my dream of working with fellow self healers with similar chronic illness. It is my honor to offer them the validation, support and guidance I so badly needed when I was in their shoes. To that end, I am training to be a certified Mind Body Practitioner and Holistic Life Coach. I am passionate about empowering self healers to know the super powers they possess innately when they tap into the mind body connection. I draw from my lived experience of a long laundry list of symptoms over a decades long journey of trial and error to recovery. I continue to deepen my personal and professional understanding of healing trauma and have a special interest in Early Developmental Trauma. I am working towards my Yoga Teacher Training qualification, such has been the positive impact of yoga on my own healing journey. I am a mum of two and appreciate that my healing ripples far beyond just myself. I swim in the cold Irish Sea year round for fun! I love to hike in the Wicklow mountains and I adore traveling abroad.

My decades-long ill health began in my early teens when I got glandular fever (Epstein Barr virus) and was sick for months. Thereafter, a host of various symptoms ensued culminating in being bed bound and in chronic pain with no answers or support for recovery. However, I never stopped searching for a way out as I believed full recovery was possible, having watched others who had recovered before me share their story. I tried everything under the sun within my reach, even achieving 70% recovery after brain retraining (Lightning Process) but plateaued. It was not until I turned my attention to the Nervous System and Trauma did I find CFS School which resonated deeply with me.

I am driven to share that healing is possible as I am my own living proof! Completing the CFS School Program was life-changing for me and so many others I’ve had the privilege of working with since. I am forever grateful to the program and ultimately to myself for never giving up hope that one day I’d feel like I do today; peaceful in my mind and body, with an understanding of what caused the dis-ease and the tools to fine tune wellness, health and happiness, mind, body, and soul.

My professional background is in Project Management in the Banking industry in Ireland, prior to which I worked and traveled in the USA, Asia, Australia, New Zealand, Africa and India. Now, I live in Greystones, Wicklow, Ireland with my husband and two young daughters.

Meet Athene

As a neuroscientist who walked their own recovery journey from ME/CFS, FND, chronic pain and a whole host of other diagnoses after doing Somia’s program in late 2021, I have found depth, purpose and real joy in my role as a Somatic Mind-Body Coach. I now work with others who are ready to step into their power and meet their body and nervous system in a new way. When I had my perfect storm in 2021, I had been working full-time as a postdoctoral researcher in developmental neuroscience at the University of Cambridge. Prior to that I had studied psychology and spent most of my twenties hustling to finish my PhD, while also being heavily involved in the music scene. I was so burnt out that it took just one back injury and a virus to lead to complete shutdown. 


Since recovering from a severe bedbound state, I have been training as a Yoga Nidra guide and Somatic Coach undergoing ICF accreditation. I truly believe that with the right access to support and education around the nervous system’s unique role in shaping health, everybody has the potential to heal and live a life that is more aligned with their values and unique needs. As a researcher, I taught and mentored countless students. This often went over and above just teaching – I would get to be the person who would lend them an ear when they struggled with life challenges and could encourage them at the right moment. It’s this attitude of empowerment and compassion that I take to my work now with those self-healing chronic symptoms, along with gentle guidance and science-based explanations.


Looking back, I had been suffering from mind-body symptoms reaching as far back as my childhood, and was constantly struggling with health issues in my twenties. My history of severe childhood trauma had conditioned me to feel like I always had to achieve something or be productive to feel enough. Becoming unwell, I had an intuitive sense that I had pushed my nervous system too far and I became determined to heal myself, despite statistics and doctors who told me otherwise.


Reconnecting to the body has been the hardest and also most fruitful part of my healing. I believe that the body contains unique wisdom and I have a special interest in somatic practice and cultivating safety in the body. As a queer and neurodivergent person, I’m also happy to provide a safe space to those who identify as LGBTQIA+ or ND. I am always expanding my knowledge and skill set and I am committed to ongoing growth in anti-oppressive ways of existing in this world.