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The secret to finding your way out of symptoms and fully healing

Even if you’ve been told this is the way things are for you now. And you’ve tried so many things with mixed results… conventional doctors, physiotherapy, functional medicine, countless supplements, bodywork, acupuncture, CBT, ASMR, aromatherapy, saunas and more.

We can help you find your way out of the anxiety, pain, and chronic symptoms that keep you feeling stuck.

To go from merely surviving to thriving and living the life you might not let yourself dream is possible for you.

It is possible.

All those things you miss doing, that you haven’t done in a really long time – traveling, dancing, walking, going out with friends, doing work you love, enjoying the outdoors…

You can do them again.

The majority of our students begin to see noticeable improvements in their symptoms within a short time of using the tools we provide.

If you’re thinking you might be the exception and that your symptoms and situation are different…

Know this: Other people before you have fully recovered and you are no different. Just like them, you are a human being with a brain, a body and a boundless healing capacity inside you.

Neuroplasticity is a big reason why this is possible for all of us. The brain has the ability to to change itself and form new neural connections and pathways in response to repeated new experiences and learnings. We’ll help you create those connections.

We can help you find your way out of the anxiety, pain, and chronic symptoms that keep you feeling stuck. To go from merely surviving to thriving and living the life you might not let yourself dream is possible for you.

You can do this because there is an inherent ability for you to heal that is more powerful than you can imagine.

And we’ll show you how to unlock this fundamental power you have inside the very cells of your own body.

The way out is through the same thing that got you sick and stuck in the first place: your nervous system. In our very first lesson in the Heal program we help you learn why and how the nervous system plays a crucial role in your healing.

From this point forward, we’re going to focus on your brain and body’s innate capacity for change, adaptation and self-healing.

Whether you have chronic fatigue, anxiety, POTS, Long Covid, IBS or any of the other chronic unexplained symptom.

These are all rooted in one common cause, a dysregulated nervous system.

We’ve been where you are and we’ll help you become the confident and embodied self-healer who knows exactly what to do to heal…and live life fully.

Here’s how to regulate your nervous system and heal yourself

Now you know that the secret to healing and becoming free and whole again comes down to you and what you have inside.

We want you to know that it’s definitely not your fault you’re stuck and sick, but it is your responsibility to meet yourself where you’re at and heal.

Self-healing doesn’t mean healing alone. Getting the right tools, support, and guidance is the first step in embracing the opportunity to heal yourself.

Here are 3 vital things you need to know to start your path to full recovery:


For lasting change, top down cognitive work (brain to body) is only effective when combined with bottom up (body to brain) somatic work.


To heal fully, you need to become completely aware of yourself in a new way and learn how to interrupt and redesign the habitual responses in your nervous system that have kept you stuck and made you sick.


Healing is possible and it looks different for everyone. Healing at different paces, success using different tools, fully recovered in different time-frames– IS NORMAL.

Right now, you feel stressed, sick, stuck – and often hopeless.

But you are here because you know deep down that this isn’t what your life is supposed to be. 

And when you do the work we guide you through, you’ll soon prove to yourself that you were right all along.

We created Somia and the HEAL program because we found this out for ourselves and have made it our mission to help others do it too. Thousands have fully healed using our program.

Here’s our WHY, our story…

We recovered when we found what was missing from the years of unsuccessful therapies and methods

Jen’s story:

When my career as a professional ballet dancer ended with an injury to my right ankle, I delved into the world of injury, pain and the mind-body connection and became a functional movement coach and Yoga teacher until I went back to university to be a physiotherapist.

Then I became sick with POTS (Postural Orthostatic Tachycardia Syndrome) and 40+ other symptoms. All while teaching 30 classes a week, seeing one on one patients in clinical training, giving massages, teaching yoga, and studying full time.

I crashed and became bed-ridden for almost 2 years.

The doctors weren’t sure what was wrong but they told me there was no root cause and I’d never get my life back.

I did everything I could to try to heal.

Nothing quite worked fully because I wasn’t addressing the root cause connection and I got stuck in a push and crash cycle.

I was learning everything I could but something was missing.

Karden’s story:

I’ve been a body worker for 15 years. And up until 5 years ago, I focused on structural and functional everything. I was successful but there were many times where this was frustratingly not enough.

Plus, throughout those years, I was having frequent and acute bouts of low back pain that would last longer and longer and get progressively worse.

No matter what I did, the pain would always resurface.

Then I read a book that changed my mind about what the nature of pain was.

I started doing more embodied emotional work and professional training in Somatic Experiencing. I was able to tap into my nonverbal embodied consciousness and awareness, really feel the visceral, emotional aspects that were coupled with my pain presentation.

I hadn’t yet realized a key piece was still missing until I met Jen.

Coming Together

Jen’s focus on polyvagal therapeutics and brain retraining and Karden’s focus on Somatic Experiencing and inner child work gave us the missing pieces for full recovery.

By combining our knowledge and practices into an effective holistic neurophysiological approach, we were both able to fully recover.

Our experiences were different and that’s how we knew we’d created something innovative and unique. We saw how beautifully, if done correctly , our top-down (cognitive) and bottom-up (somatic) practices play together to help people reach the level of recovery we have reached.

We had to share this with the world.

So we created CFS School where we’ve helped guide thousands of people to regulate their nervous systems to heal and live fully again.

HEAL is a complete overhaul of CFS School with all-new material. It’s the result of how we’ve evolved and of what our students and community of self-healers have told us was needed and wanted.


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“I’m finally just living life again…I’m working every day. I’m running a digital marketing business. I’m exercising. I’m being social. I’m going out. I’m going to events. The biggest thing, I feel safer in my body.”

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My life is now “normal” whatever that means…My relationships in every sense have improved, I’m less anxiously attached, more secure in myself, have much clearer boundaries, and the list goes on!”

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It’s kind of mind blowing. I’m living a completely different life.  And it even blows my husband away.”

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I’m not afraid to live!… I know I can extend my window of tolerance safely. Fear of symptoms is gone. My attitude toward life is much more positive. I am planning for my future. I am slowly working on strengthening my body after 36 years of horrific dis-ability.”

You are about to take the first step to finally heal..

When you have the right knowledge, tools, and guidance, you can move through life in a new, empowering way.

Imagine being able to stop your symptoms in their tracks, soothe your anxiety whenever you need and to be able to establish boundaries and take on new challenges like never before in your life.

You are more resilient and strong than you know. There is no limit to your ability to heal and become the person you want to be.

The all-new HEAL program contains video and audio lessons, guided practices, journals, summary sheets to help you become the best self-healer you can be.

Are you ready to transform your life, starting right now?

Let’s take a look at what’s inside.



The program and healing community to help you regulate your nervous system and heal chronic symptoms.

When you join HEAL, you’ll have everything you need to fully recover. Don’t take it from us. Take it from the people whose lives have been transformed because of it.

We’ve designed this program to start regulating your nervous system right away, without overwhelm.

No matter where you’re starting from, what your symptoms are, how long you’ve been sick, or how stuck you are, you’ll see shifts very early on as you learn to use the tools, guided every step of the way.

We understand what it feels like to be chronically ill, in pain, and deeply disheartened by it all. So we’ve taken care in creating a curriculum that guides you from rock bottom to complete recovery and mastery in nervous system regulation.

Unlike other programs, HEAL is not prescriptive and protocol based. While these may be easy to learn up front, when those protocols fail, you don’t have the tools you need to get back on track and can get stuck in a plateau of repeating the same exercises to no effect.

Here’s how HEAL works:

You will get access to one module per week over 10 weeks so that you can effectively build up your knowledge and practices.
You can do these at your own pace and come back to lessons and material whenever you want. You don’t need to worry about doing the work on a certain timeline.

Because you will have lifetime access.

HEAL guides you on how to communicate with your nervous system and effectively change the survival patterns that have given you symptoms. As a self-healer, you will be empowered to decide what makes sense for you in your own unique circumstances.

Not to worry, we’ll help you figure that out, too.

You’ll learn to heal with regular practice and rhythm. You will teach your nervous system how to work in a flexible, resilient, and adaptable way which will eliminate your symptoms and allow you to live life again.

We’ve assembled everything you need to know to regulate your nervous system and heal and have organized it in an easy to follow step by step self paced learning platform. You’ll soon see that you will experience improvements within a few hours or days of applying the new tools.

As a HEAL student, you also get 3 months access to our private community – The Healing Collective – where you can meet other self healers and have all your questions answered.

Let’s take a look at what’s inside:

The Heal self-study course is divided into two levels. Each level contains five modules of life changing lessons and practices.

Each of the 10 modules includes:

  • Bite-sized lessons explaining the concepts
  • Cognitive and somatic practices
  • A coaching corner Q&A with Jen and Karden
  • A downloadable and printable PDF Learning Guide

You’ll start with:

Level 1:


Level 1 gives you all the information and science that you need to understand how mind-body healing and nervous system regulation work, including the wonderful science of the vagus nerve and polyvagal theory.

You’ll learn how to practically apply your new understanding through the techniques of shifting with a focus on brain retraining which uses techniques initiated from the mind to impact the body.

And then you’ll learn how to apply polyvagal nervous system therapeutics to your symptoms giving you the keys

Here are the 5 modules in Level 1: 

Module 1: States and Listening

The science of states and symptoms and learning to listen to your body in the language, breath, posture, and mood elements.

Module 2: Mind-body Connection and Neuroplasticity

How to influence and transform your nervous system states with brain retraining and interrupt symptoms.

Module 3: Polyvagal Theory

How applying the polyvagal theory influences your nervous system, plus a collection of body-based techniques to help you regulate.

Module 4: Beliefs and Meeting Your Parts

A further exploration of states by examining beliefs and meeting aspects of yourself that we call parts.

Module 5: More Tools for State Shifting

You will add more tools to your state shifting toolbox that will help you customize brain retraining to meet your specific needs.

Level 2:

Somatics + Nervous System Regulation

In Level 2, you will learn these critical practices that bring neuroplastic and bioplastic change into the nonverbal and autonomic aspects of your brain and nervous system.

You’ll also be introduced to powerful trauma support and resolution tools that will help you in unwinding the original wounds that led to your dysregulation in the first place.

Here are the 5 modules in Level 2: 

Module 1: Your Somatic Language

Learn new ways to tap into the non-verbal language of the body and state-shifting techniques that directly engage with your autonomic nervous system.

Module 2: Sympathetic Nervous System + Power States

You’ll learn how to tune into inhibited sympathetic charge and discharge them through simple mobilization exercises.

Module 3: Inner Child Work

You’ll learn to investigate states through the framework of inner child work and empower your state shifting to allow yourself to feel loved so you can provide co-regulation to your own nervous system.

Module 4: Fire and Embers

You’ll learn about the Fire and the Embers which explains the relationship between your symptoms and the stress, attachment injuries, and trauma that are the true origins of your nervous system dysregulation.

Module 5: Combine Your Skills

You’ll learn to combine all your skills to resolve the traumas in your past and help you transform your triggers in the present.

Being a self healer doesn’t mean you need to heal alone. That’s why HEAL includes 12 weeks of exceptional support in Somia’s private community: 

The Healing Collective:

Your place to learn, heal, and grow. Together.

There are 2 main components inside the community:

1. The Forum – a private, moderated space where you can safely share and connect with other self healers just like you

2. 6 Monthly Live Q&A Meeting with the Somia Mentors – These sessions are an opportunity for you to have all your questions answered about the program tools and content, how to apply them to your unique needs and to learn about the Mentors’ own healing experiences and how they used the tools to heal.

Note: All sessions will be recorded and archived for a month for easy viewing and reviewing

Once you’ve put in the work in this program, you’ll have everything you need to move past your symptoms, feel safe and at home in your mind and body,  and step into the person that you are meant to be and the life you’re meant to live. 

Notes From Our Self Healers

Rewrite the story of your mind and body. And heal.

When you do the work to regulate your nervous system – and it is work – not only will you heal, you will also know yourself, feel love for yourself, and experience safety and wholeness. 

You’ll have the courage to choose yourself and feel comfortable and at home in your own body. 

You’ll say no to things you don’t want to do, show up fully in the way you want to, do more of what brings you joy. 

This isn’t an exaggeration. 

Because the tools and knowledge you learn in HEAL will help you feel safe, tend to your unmet needs, repair deep wounds and know how to shift when something doesn’t feel right. 

We’re living proof of this. Healing using our approach has made it possible for us to show up here for you and have lives we love. 

Are you ready to do this? 

We’d love to have you. 

Start healing now.

Your place to learn, heal, and grow. Together.

HEAL is a 10-module, holistic program that integrates top-down cognitive methods with bottom-up somatic approaches.

With a powerfully unique combination of root-cause focus, neuroplasticity science, habit change, trauma work, and healing injuries of your past, HEAL is unlike any other chronic pain, anxiety, and trauma program out there.

Your lifetime access allows you to come back to the tools and materials whenever you need them. Our approach is not prescriptive or protocol based and instead empowers you to use the tools in intuitive and flexible ways to handle any dysregulation that happens in your life.

The program is divided into two levels with 5 modules each.

Level 1 introduces you to the nervous system and how dysregulated nervous system states are responsible for making you sick. And you learn our custom brain retraining methods to begin shifting the state of your nervous system and start to make your symptoms vanish.

Level 1 modules include:

  • Module 1: States and Listening
  • Module 2: Mind-body Connection and Neuroplasticity
  • Module 3: Polyvagal Theory
  • Module 4: Beliefs and Meeting Your Parts
  • Module 5: More Tools for State Shifting


Level 2 will guide you into deeper layers of your nervous system through advanced somatic practices to discover the roots of your dysregulation. You will learn ways to attune and to heal to what underlies your unhelpful states that have made you sick and how to use trauma healing practices to resolve the past so that you can create sustainable healing here and now.

Level 2 modules include:

  • Module 1: Embodied Explorations
  • Module 2: Sympathetic Nervous System + Power States
  • Module 3: Inner Child Work
  • Module 4: The Deepest Depth of Learning the Language of Your Body
  • Module 5: The Best of Trauma Healing Practices – Renegotiation


The Healing Collective

  • 3 Months of support and connection
  • A private moderated forum with other self healers
  • 6 Monthly Live video sessions
  • 5 Mentor-led Q&A calls for various levels of the program
  • 1 Social session to meet other members for discussion, inspiration and connection

PLUS, for the first 50 students who join us, these 3 bonuses:

  • Live Nervous System Workshop + Q&A with Jen and Kardent (Date: TBA. Recording will be available))
  • Somatic Essentials – 4 powerful video practices to help you connect with your body
  • 3 extra months of The Healing Collective – that’s a total of 6 months inside the community


With HEAL, you get the knowledge, experience, and proven support from two people who’ve been there and have come out the other side better than ever. And you join the over 2000 people from around the world they’ve been able to help do the same.


Nervous System Regulation to Fully Heal



We know that you’ve been told countless times to “try X” or “take Y,” but HEAL is a program unlike any other that puts your nervous system and the physiological root cause of your symptoms at the center of your healing experience. Our approach is science-based and proven with thousands of people successfully recovering from countless mind and body disorders. At Somia, we combined our clinical training with decades of experience in healing our own disorders and chronic illnesses in reinventing a nervous-system centered practice that combines brain retraining, polyvagal therapeutics, vagus nerve exercises, somatic experiencing and trauma therapies. These will help you move out of survival mode, uncovering and redesigning the current patterns that are keeping you stuck and sick and rewiring them to create a flexible, resilient mind and body– ultimately helping you experience a free, health-full and whole life.

Although we ethically can’t guarantee that your symptoms will heal, full recovery is common among our students and absolutely possible. Even if symptoms don’t fully disappear, the understanding of your own mind, body and trauma patterns along with the nervous system centered techniques you learn in our program will undoubtedly help you improve your life for the better.

It’s not by accident that we don’t employ medical professionals (although we have worked with them).Unfortunately, many of us have at some point have likely felt stuck and misunderstood when being put on conventional medical recovery plans. .
HEAL is a safe space for learning, growing and healing where every part of you and every experience you’ve ever lived are an important puzzle piece to your healing. And while we only recommend strategies that we know are safe, you are the expert of your own mind and body. You are welcome to only take part in the strategies that make sense and feel safe to you and complement our work with any other treatment, therapy that feels safe and helps you reach your goal of healing.

Yes! If the program cost is not feasible for you right now, you can apply for a scholarship. Contact us at support@somiainternational.com to find out how.

HEAL is the only program that has a nervous system-centered AND trauma-informed approach. Other methods tend to focus solely on cognitive-based reprocessing therapies like brain retraining ‘rounds’ while we teach you comprehensive nervous system retraining and self-directed trauma and stress resolution techniques. These address the root cause of nervous system dysregulation and the root cause of an imbalanced physiology creating chronic symptoms/illness.
We also teach you somatic and embodiment techniques and polyvagal therapy based exercises.
Students who have taken other recovery programs have offered feedback that these tend to be rigid, prescriptive and dogmatic reinforcing perfectionism patterns and high-achieving pressure – which adds to the already built-up stress in the body.
In HEAL, we guide and support you in learning to use the tools in an intuitive way that works for you. Our program is flexible, inclusive and innovative and teaches you exactly how to move through life in a new and useful way for your mind and body.
No other program combines the innovative, science-based 360-degree holistic nervous system centered approach that HEAL offers.

HEAL provides healing tools and practices that can be applied to help you with a range of chronic health challenges including anxiety, chronic fatigue, chronic pain and tnsion, depression, dissociation, irritable bowel syndrome, postural orthostatic tachycardia syndrome ( POTS), post-viral syndromes like long COVID and chronic Lyme disease, small intestinal bacterial overgrowth (SIBO), chronic candida, fibromyalgia, chronic migraines, and many other mind and body disorders.
This is possible because we don’t treat symptoms using a dualistic approach. We treat the root cause using a holistic science-based nervous system approach addressing the neurology that kept you stuck and made you sick in the first place.

Everyone learns and heals at different paces. You don’t need to “keep up” and complete everything every week. We offer a self-paced program for this reason.You can do the work as and when you feel called to do it.
For the tools to be effective though it does take a noteworthy amount of dedication, repetition and motivation toward the practices.
We have had many students do the work alongside family life and working commitments and responsibilities, with great results.

We have many students with very limited energy make significant improvements to their activity levels, health, and life– including full recoveries.
HEAL will teach you week by week how to get your energy back and start increasing your energy and vitality.

Notes From Our Self Healers

You’re about to start changing your life

When you join HEAL, you can immediately dive into Module 1 and set the foundation for what will be a truly transformative evolution and create an invaluable healing toolbox that works for you, for the rest of your life.

Successful students dedicate themselves to healing. They are focused, motivated, inspired, hopeful, consistent, get back up when they fall down, and get 1:1 support when needed. They don’t stay stuck.

They practiced being the new version of themselves over and over and over again.
You can do this too.

And when you do, you’ll move through life in a whole new way. You’ll no longer be merely surviving. You’ll be consciously aware of the thoughts, feelings, emotions and triggers that impact your mind and body so you can give yourself what you need to fully live the life you want.

We’ve been stuck and frustrated and now we have lives that are fulfilling that have allowed us to create this program for you and thousands of others around the world.

We are inspired every day by the incredible healing stories our students share with us. We are beyond excited to offer this fully revamped program based on everything we’ve learned in the past 2 years.

Whatever you’re experiencing right now, we know you have what it takes to transform your life.

We’d love to be your guides as you create this new life for yourself with HEAL.