Learn, Heal, and Grow. Together.

Imagine a safe and nurturing place you can come to everyday to feel deeply understood, connected, supported, empowered and anchored. The community platform at Somia is exactly this.

We are Here for You

As we like to say, we are self-healers, not lone healers. The Healing Collective is where you can go to connect with other self-healers just like you and get your questions answered by the Somia Mentors.

The Healing Collective is included for FREE with your purchase of the HEAL Program

The Healing Collective is a community to support you with everything you’re learning about healing to create a thriving life.

In the Healing Collective community, you will get expert guidance and support to discover what works best for your healing every day.

This is where you can come and safely share your experiences as well as learn from other self-healers just like yourself.

This is where you can come to have your questions answered, get unstuck and turn breakdowns into breakthroughs.

Here’s what’s inside…

“If you want to go fast, go alone, if you want to go far, go together”.
– African Proverb

6 Monthly Live Q&A Meeting with the Mentors

These sessions are an opportunity for you to ask the Mentors specific questions about your unique self healing journey, the program tools and content, and about the Mentors’ own healing experiences and how they used the tools to heal.

Our Mentors know where you are, they understand what it’s like to feel frustrated, deflated, angry, and stuck. And they’re self-healers like yourself who joined our program when they were ill and stuck with chronic fatigue, fibromyalgia, anxiety, and other chronic symptoms.

Through the Heal program, they have fully recovered and have been trained by Jen and Karden to now help you heal too. We’ve received countless testimonials on the incredible and inspiring value of their support and mentoring.

*and if you can’t make the live sessions, don’t worry! Every session is recorded and stored for 4 weeks in the Healing Collective archive

The Forum

You are not alone on this healing journey and there is both great wisdom and great power in groups with a common goal. The Healing Collective is designed to harness that wisdom and power for the good of all.

The Forum is our online community space that is the heart of the collective where self-healers just like you come together to connect, share experiences, support and seek guidance from one another.

Like so many before you, you will be amazed at how seeing your experience reflected in so many others

Are you an existing CFS School student?

Hi Self-Healer!

You’ll be in great hands with our Somia Mentors – Dani, Anne and Athene – as your guides in The Healing Collective. They have been on the healing journey and fully recovered from chronic fatigue, chronic pain and fibromyalgia, anxiety, and a host of other symptoms.

When self healers come together, they create a supportive and amazing community.

Let’s learn, heal, and grow. Together.

Jen, Karden and the whole team at Somia