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Our wonderful mentors are HEAL graduates who had chronic symptoms and illnesses and were able to fully heal after doing the program.

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After being bed-bound for most of 2021, I saw 2022 as an opportunity to change this and take control, and that’s why I joined HEAL. I learned that I can heal myself, stop looking externally for answers, and I have everything in me to heal.

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Danielles’s Instagram @breatheandhealwithdee

“I booked a call with Danielle because I felt stuck in a dip and she helped me see it in a new light and I even realized I’ve been reenacting an old ember . She was very supportive and pointed out opportunities for using the tools that I somehow missed.”

“Dani held a really safe space for me and helped me to connect more with my inner child. She really helped me to learn how to feel in my body and this really positively impacted the way that I felt my partners love and trusted that love. I’ve definitely seen an improvement in connection in my relationship because I’m feeling that love in my body. Previously I was up in my head a lot and not feeling the emotions in my body which was causing a disconnect and was meaning I was missing out on feeling the love.”


“Danielle is a brilliant coach, she knows the CFS School content inside out and can help adapt aspects of it to suit your individual needs. She is kind and understanding, and her expertise in breath work is invaluable. I really look forward to my next session with Danielle!”



After experiencing bouts of unexplained symptoms for over a decade, I developed chronic pain in 2020 following an injury and spent the following year bed-bound with chronic fatigue and other neurological symptoms. Taking part in the live programme at the end of 2021 was the turning point in my healing and allowed me to learn how to reconnect with my body, heal and live life fully again.

Athene’s Instagram @feltsensesomatics

“The deciding factor for me in choosing Athene as my coach was that she herself had suffered from Long Covid and ME/CFS. This immediately made me feel understood by her, as she was familiar with many of the symptoms from her own experience. I booked sessions with her alongside Heal, and they have been and continue to be a tremendous support. Her empathetic and professional approach has helped me not only understand the physical symptoms of CFS, but also to address the underlying causes. At first, I had many questions and doubts. Her support and guidance has helped me gain new perspectives, adapt exercises and approaches from the program to myself, and activate my own resources towards healing.”


“I have had very good experiences with Athene as a coach. She has a very gentle and understanding manner, and I felt very safe with her. Since she has managed to overcome illness with nervous system work herself and has an incredible amount of factual expertise, she has been my best help, and I have made good progress.”


“I am so glad that you exist and that you are my coach! You are the first coach who has really tried to adapt sessions to the current state of my nervous system. And that has taken a lot of pressure and additional stress off me. Thank you so much for that! ” 

”Due to your own experiences with severe ME/CFS, you understand me better than any other coach and have completely tailored the coaching to my personal situation. Your explanations, descriptions and support are so empathetic and simply make sense – I feel completely taken care of by you.’’




Healing from CFS/ME and Chronic Pain/Fibromyalgia with HEAL in 2022 has led me to fulfilling my dream of working with fellow self healers with similar chronic illness. I am now peaceful in my mind and body, with an understanding of what caused the dis-ease and the tools to fine tune wellness, health and happiness, mind, body, and soul.

Annie’s Instagram @whispersof.m.e

“Anne… I feel so much better since our 1:1 and I don’t feel so stuck anymore, although the resistance and all the fears are still there. But I’m trying to slow down and take off the pressure. I’m experimenting with NSMS and somatics and taking a closer look at my fears and beliefs when they come up. I feel like I’m slowly back on track again. Thank you so much.”


“Anne…thank you so much for all the brilliant help and advice today – so glad I had the call with you. I definitely feel less stuck and I feel motivated to try everything out!.”


“Thank you SO MUCH for your support, kindness and all round wonder brain today Anne, our chat made the world of difference to me I really appreciate it. Feeling so much more confident now that I’m on the right path.”


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