How I Healed My Chronic Fatigue Through The Mind-Body Connection


Jennifer Mann’s journey through chronic fatigue syndrome (CFS) reveals the power of the mind-body connection in healing. After years of relentless stress and physical challenges, Jennifer discovered the Lightning Process and somatic therapies, which transformed her life. She learned to rewire her nervous system, addressing deeply rooted traumas and stress. This holistic approach not only alleviated her CFS symptoms but also inspired her to help others achieve similar recoveries.


Experts warn more people are living in 'functional freeze mode' with signs that are hard to spot


According to nervous system practitioner and author of The Secret Language of the Body Jennifer Mann, you can melt yourself out of this mindset if you put the work in, but the first step is understanding it.


I tried grounding therapy for two weeks - and it worked wonders for my stress and productivity levels


“There are thousands of nerve endings under the soles of our feet that constantly send feedback messages to our brain,” explains Jennifer Mann, co-author of The Secret Language of the Body.

“When we’re doing a grounding practice like walking barefoot outside, there’s a heightened sensory experience going on: different parts of the ground might feel squishy, or warm, or dewy.”


Five senses meditation can totally shift your mood in just a few minutes


Karden Rabin, co-author of new book The Secret Language of the Body, offers a new way to calm your anxious mind.


I spent £20,000 on my chronic illness
– then I finally found a cure


“When I look back at what happened, I feel sad for anyone who is dealing with chronic fatigue, who has to go through the conventional medical system,” she says. “There is another solution. And now I want the whole world to know.”


Where Stress Lives in the Body


In the midst of a stressful episode we may notice that our chest tightens and our head pounds as blood flow momentarily increases, but there may be more inconspicuous symptoms we tend to overlook. Jennifer Mann, co-author of new book The Secret Language of the Body is quick to point out that our reaction to stress can be both physical and mental. “Stress tends to accumulate in several key areas of the body,” she begins. “These include the neck, back and shoulders, where muscle tightness from poor posture and emotional stress lead to pain and headaches. Other common areas include the jaw (due to teeth clenching) and the hip muscles, which often present symptoms together. Then the stomach and digestive system, which are sensitive to stress hormones and can show as symptoms like stomach aches, indigestion, bloating and IBS. Another area is the head, where tension headaches and migraines often occur due to muscle tension and cognitive strain resulting in difficulty concentrating, brain fog, blurred vision and vertigo. Finally, the chest and heart area are most commonly affected with symptoms of anxiety, palpitations, shallow breath and chest pain.”


Stressed Out? How Leaders Can Keep Their Teams Calm Under Pressure



A particularly effective group technique is synchronized vagal breathing, according to Jennifer Mann, co-author of The Secret Language of the Body and co-founder of nervous system healing platform Somia.


The Secret Language of the Body: Regulate Your Nervous System, Heal Your Body, Free Your Mind


Readers can learn “the secret language of the body” to heal depression, insomnia, and other ailments, according to this insightful debut guide. Functional movement therapist Mann and somatic experiencing practitioner Rabin describe the nervous system as a “foreign country” that responds to daily stressors (paying bills, sending an difficult email) with stress-inducing survival responses.


You’re not lazy, you’re in functional freeze mode – here’s what you need to know



“When we consciously walk barefoot on natural surfaces like grass or sand, our brain is stimulated by the sensory receptors in thousands of nerve endings in our feet,” notes Mann. “The survival state causes us to feel disconnected from our body as a way of self-protection, so anything we can do to anchor our brain back to the here and now can help reduce feelings of numbness and derealisation.”


The Secret Language of the Body Featured on BBC Radio 5!

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Our book helps people explore their past in a gentle but powerful way to say, “Oh, I see how this thing that happened to me trained my nervous system to overreact in a defensive way… because I have trauma from when I was younger in life.”