Marissa’s Story

“I feel every human should do that kind of work because it’s easy to get lost and to become this person that’s not really your true self. It’s the accumulation of all this stress and dysregulation”

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Marissa, dog mom of two French bulldogs has her life back! She now runs her own digital marketing business, able to work everyday. She enjoys exercise and being social. One of her biggest takeaways is she has found what it feels like to feel safe in her body for the first time ever.

First week into the program she felt a shift in her emotions. She felt like she had hope for the first time which started to catapult some behavioral changes in her first week, including leaving her house to go out to lunch – which was a huge win at the time!

Prior to joining the program Marissa experienced a myriad of symptoms:
‣ Vertigo/dizziness
‣ POTs
‣ Supraventicular Tachycardia
‣ Panic Attacks/anxiety
‣ Chronic Fatigue

She feels like the heal program taught her to live in today’s world that is full of stressors and not get totally dysregulated from it all, especially as her window of tolerance keeps getting bigger.

“I think that my biggest thing, that this is the greatest gift you can give to yourself.”


“My life is now “normal” whatever that means…My relationships in every sense have improved, I’m less anxiously attached, more secure in myself, have much clearer boundaries, and the list goes on!”

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Isobel, 24, currently living in England, while officially diagnosed with ME/CFS in 2017 struggled with many health conditions since she was a young child:
Some of these symptoms include:

  • Chronic fatigue
  • Head & neck pain
  • Heart Palpitations
  • Anxiety/depression
  • Light sensitivity


In the Heal program Isobel learned early on that her symptoms were not against her, that indeed they were simply messengers that she didn’t have to fear anymore and this was an integral shift into healing. Through this reframe she was able to begin experiencing physical relief right away.
“I would say how incredible healing is, how amazing it is to be on this journey of rediscovering yourself aside from symptoms and illness.”

Eibhlin’s Story

“I’m not afraid to live!… I know I can extend my window of tolerance safely. Fear of symptoms is gone. My attitude toward life is much more positive. I am planning for my future. I am slowly working on strengthening my body after 36 years of horrific dis-ability.”

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Eibhlin, 60 years young, from Ireland, struggled with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, ME/CFS, for over three decades before joining the Heal Program.

Eibhlin explained how her first big win was saying goodbye to fear & not being afraid of her symptoms. From her she was really able to slowly expand her window of tolerance, to the point she actually discovered how much she wanted to move her body.

“I have absolutely no doubt that if this program had been available to me 36 yrs ago I could have had 34/35 wonderful years of better health… COMMIT to the work and watch your healing grow.


It’s kind of mind blowing. I’m living a completely different life.  And it even blows my husband away.”

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Sheila, 58, living in New Hampshire, has struggled with her health for 27 years before landing in the Heal program through Somia. 

Her main chronic symptoms were: 

  • Chronic fatigue Syndrome (fatigue & muscular weakness) 
  • Migraines 
  • Food sensitivities & leaky gut 
  • Hypothyroidism 


Sheila found the state change practice as well as future self practice to be incredibly supportive in her journey. Through her state change practice she was able to increase her walking from ¼ mile to 3 miles / day. Future practice helped her to ground into a sense of wholeness & love. 

 Just forget about “getting there“ -do the work and take all stress and outcomes out of the mix . Believe 100% that you can get better.” 

Poppy’s Story

So many times I’ve climbed a mountain, or gone on a big trip, or  been out dancing with my friends,… and just thought “wow, this really works

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Poppy, 22, living in Nottingham UK, spent two years practically bed bound before finding the HEAL program. Her main symptoms were: 

  • Chronic fatigue Syndrome
  • Insomnia 

Poppy found the state change practice, Space, incredibly supportive early on. When she first realized she had a bit more energy than she was used to, she explains it was so unfamiliar it was almost scary-exciting. For Poppy, the educational piece of the program helped her trust that she wasn’t “sick”, and it was essential and helped her make leaps and bounds in her healing. 

 Do it! It saved my life, I don’t know where I’d be without it.”


“I hiked for a week straight everyday on the Camino De Santiago with my Dad. That would have been so far out of reality’s reach a few years before… And I did it, and I was excited about it, and I was so well the whole time. I was really strong.

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Amy Louisa,36, mother of 2 young children, a boy & girl, lives on the South Coast of England. She spent nearly 16 years chronically ill before finding the HEAL program. 

Her main symptoms were: 

  • Lupus
  • Mixed Connective Tissue Disease (MXTD)  
  • Chronic Fatigue


Amy Louisa found the variety of practices in the course helped introduce her to new ways of behaving with herself. 5 weeks into the program Amy Louisa had her first major breakthrough walking her kids to school, while doing space under her breath. As she explains, “it was the first time in years and years I felt chronic fatigue fully lift, like a cloud was just removed from over my head.” 

 Make space in your schedule and heart to really show up to the journey – because it’ll change your life and you will finally be able to reclaim the parts of your life lost to illness.”

Notes from Self Healers

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